Ecco la grafica delle carte singole da me create, puoi vederle in alta qualità e immaginare come sarà la tua!

Here are the graphics of the single cards I created, you can see them in high quality and imagine what yours will look like!

Obelisk The Toon Tormerntor​
Slifer The Toon Dragon​
Ra The Toon Dragon​
Toon HERO Stratos ​
Toon Yubel​
Toon HERO Flame Wingman​
Toon Yubel - Terror Incarnate​
Toon HERO Thunder Giant ​
Toon Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare​
Toon XYZ - Dragon Cannon ​
Toon HERO - Dreadmaster​
Toon Cyber End Dragon​
Toon HERO - Plasma​
Toon HERO - Dreadmaster​
Toon HERO Malicious Bane​
Toon D. End D.
Toon AA-Zeus - Sky Thunder​
Toon Stardust D.
Toon Accesscode Talker​
Toon Jinzo​ -
Red-Eyes Toon Dragoon​
Eldlich the Toon Lord​
Prank-Kids Rocksies​
Toon M. Girl the Dragon Knight​
Prank-Kids Rocksies​
Toon HERO Dark Law​
Prank.Kids Lampsies​
Prank-Kids Dropsies​
Mobius the Toon Monarch​
Prank-Kids . .Place​
Granmarg the Toon Monarch​
Caius the Toon Monarch​
Raiza the Toon Monarch​

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